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Teaching for no-violence

The Humanist and scientist, Salvatore Puledda, on the 7th of January 1989 in Florence, the capital of historical humanism, paid homage to Galileo Galilei, Giordano Bruno and other precursors of today’s science. On that occasion a clear oath was undertaken by those present, an oath to resolutely fight so that the advance of science is placed at the service of human beings.

We live in a world in which some are ready to sell their knowledge for any end and at any price. They have covered our planet with machines of death. Others have used their genius to invent new ways to manipulate, silence and put to sleep the consciousness of individuals and entire peoples.

There are also men and women who have used Science and Knowledge to alleviate humanity’s fatigue and hunger, pain and suffering, in order to remove the gags from the mouths of the oppressed, to give them a voice and to give them confidence.
Today, at the dawn of the third millennium of the Western World, the survival of the entire human species is threatened, and over the Earth, our common home, looms the nightmare of ecological catastrophe and nuclear holocaust.

This is why,from this place,we ask that all scientists, researchers, professionals and educators of the world use their knowledge for the exclusive benefit of Humanity.
I swear in front of my friends, teachers, family and colleagues to never in my life use the knowledge I have received and that which I will learn in the future to oppress human beings, but on the contrary I will apply it to their liberation.

I swear to work for the elimination of physical pain and mental suffering.
I swear to drive forward the freedom of thought and learning in the practice of nonviolence, seeking to ” treat others as I would like to be treated “.

Good knowledge leads to justice
Good knowledge avoids confrontation
Good knowledge leads to dialogue and reconciliation