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Ecuador- Resolution to prohibit nuclear weapons: In Ecuador, World without Wars, together with the news agency Pressenza, established contacts with the National Assembly in order to pass a resolution supporting efforts by the Community of Latin American and Caribbean states (CELAC) to prohibit nuclear weapons.

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Fukushima Day – March 11, 2013

Two years ago we were witness to the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. Since then some countries are starting to think about how to get themselves off nuclear energy, e.g. Germany and Switzerland. Hungary’s Prime Minister, Mr Viktor Orbán, has stated his commitment to nuclear energy and said that the Hungarian nuclear plant in Paks will be extended with another block called Paks II.

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Results of the "Peace is, Peace is not" photography competition are in

Today, on the International Day for Peace, a significant day for the most profound expectations of all humans, we have the honor to announce the names of the winner’s photographers for both categories.

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Ban Ki-Moon: The world is over-armed and peace is under-funded

Last month, competing interests prevented agreement on a much-needed treaty that would have reduced the appalling human cost of the poorly regulated international arms trade. Meanwhile, nuclear disarmament efforts remain stalled, despite strong and growing global popular sentiment in support of this cause.

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World without Wars joins calls for a referendum on French nuclear weapons

World without Wars today joined other organisations in support of a French initiative to call for a referendum on nuclear weapons.

Organised by our friends in ACDN (Action of Citizens for Nuclear Disarmament), a letter to President Hollande will be presented which calls for a referendum.

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The Olympic Truce – an opportunity for us to stop killing each other for a while

Every two years the Olympic Games come round for the world’s sports fans to be distracted from their everyday activity with a couple of weeks of competition that inspires millions of young people all over the world to participate. In Ancient Greece, the Games were always accompanied by a ceasefire in war. The UN calls on the same thing to happen in the modern era.

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World Nuclear Forces: ‘Fewer But Newer’ Weapons

At the start of 2012 eight states—the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan and Israel — possessed approximately 4400 operational nuclear weapons, according to a new report.

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Rio +20: Disarmament for Sustainable Development

The signatories of Rio+20 "Disarmament for Sustainable Development" appeal demand that the governments of the world seriously address the neglected issue of peace and disarmament, and agree on a global plan for disarmament for sustainable development at the Rio Summit in June 2012. A bread tank with a garden inside will be at Rio+20 to underline the realistic possibility of eradicating hunger and extreme poverty by redirecting military spending. 

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Criminalisation of Nonviolent Protest – the emergence of a disturbing new trend

Around the world we are used to nonviolent protest being violently repressed. Those in a position of power have ruthlessly killed and tortured those who opposed them ever since human beings first learned to fight with sticks and rocks.

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Law outlawing civil disobedience disrupts Quebec students

by Anne Farrell, World without Wars, Canada

In Quebec there are more than 200,000 students on strike - they are on strike saying that the student fee increase is stopping a lot of them from accessing college and university education. The students have been on strike for four months. The response of the Quebec government has been to bring Law-78 onto its statute books, to break the student union and to break the student’s strike.

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